AC10-4CH-315MHz - face to face Copying

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AC11-4CH-315MHz - face to face Copying  control 315 frequency wireless remote control 

Wireless hot products copy control 433 frequency wireless remote control 
Main Technical Parameter
Frequency:135 mhz  
Encoding Chip: 2262, 2264, 2260, EV1527, HCS301, HCS300, etc.

Learning code, Fixed code, Rolling code.
Button image: ABCD,1234,Lock/Unlock/Mute/Light Optional/
Led light color: Standard Blue
Other Yellow, Red, Green,Purple etc. can be optional.

Copy Way
1). Erase the code (Delete the original code)
 Press button "A"  and "B" at the same time until LED flash 3 times
2). Duplicating (Copy code from original transmitter)
A. Put duplicator aside of original transmitter,as close as possible.
B. Press and hold button "A" of original transmitter,then press and hold button "A" of duplicator until you see the duplicator's LED flash and keep lighting
C. Release both buttons,finish code copy,copy other buttons in same way.
3). Resume

Material: plastic
Transmission distance:    10-20meters (open space)

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