DC-DC module T64 1.5V-3V3 Out 3V3

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 DC-DC Boost converter module T64  1.5V-3V3  Out 3V3

 DC-DC Boost converter module T64  1.5V-3V3  Out 3V3
3V3 output version:
Input voltage 0.8-3.3V; output voltage 3.3V
Maximum output current: 500 mA
Starting voltage 0.8V, output current 10MA
Input 1-1.5V, output 3.3V 50-110MA;
Input 1.5-2V, output 3.3V 110-160MA;
Input 2-3V, output 3.3V 160-400MA;
DC-DC boost converter module, operating frequency of 150KHZ, the typical conversion efficiency of 85%
Pin 2.54MM spacing
Size:11mm X 10.5mm x 7.5mm(very small)

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