LED Display Module 2 Digital 74HC595 tube

Giá: 20.000₫ Còn hàng

 Static drive 2 segment Digital Tube LED Display Module 2 Digital 74HC595 tube

74HC595 Static Driving Digital Display Module Can Series Seamlessly 0.5-inch Bright Red
 2-way bright red digital display module, there are four screw holes. Easy to install.
Use two/three/four 74HC595 SMD drives, digital tube were each band limiting resistor, to ensure uniform brightness.
Static drive, in the digital unchanged, SCM has not refreshed. Non-dynamic scanning, saving MCU system resources.
Simple interface, VCC +, GND -, SDI data, Shift clock SCLK, latch LOAD, only three wire interface with the microcontroller, saving microcontroller IO
Data output for easy cascade.
 Board size: 38*25mm(2-way)

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