Module RF 1 relay ACC-220V-315M

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Wireless remote control module 220VAC one-way remote control switch 
Module RF 1 relay + Remote RF
Working voltage:220VAC

AC220V 1CH RF 315MHz Wireless Remote Control Switch 1 Relay Controller 
Output mode:
The output mode of this controller is usually divided into non-lock, interlock and self-locking.( note that you can switch the mode directly without deenergization)
1. Self-lock—— short-circuit 1、2 with jumper cap
2. Interlock——short-circuit 2、3 with jumper cap
3. Non-lock——disconnect the jumper cap   

This receiver controller is of high confidentiality and large storage; it can store information of as much as 10 remote controllers with different codes.
This receiver can receive all kinds of fixed-code, learning code and other high-bit-rate remote controller regardless of the oscillation resistance. (Rolling codes not included.)
Technical Spec:
Operating voltage: 220VAC
Operating current: ≤60MA
Load control: alternating current/direct current
 Output current:  ≤10A
Operating frequency: 315MHz
Receiver sensibility: -105dbm
Size: 55*41*21mm
Remote control distance: 30-80m (in wide-open area)

Package : Module + Remote  2 button RF 315Mhz

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