LED Digital PWM Pulse Frequency 1HZ~100KHZ

Giá: 95.000₫ Còn hàng

DC 12V LED Digital PWM Pulse Frequency Function Signal Generator Square Wave Rectangular Wave Duty Cycle

DC Digital LED Display Sigianl Generator PWM Pulse Frequency Square Wave Rectangular Wave Signal Generator Duty Cycle 12V 
Frequency range: 6HZ ~ 100KHZ adjustable
Duty ratio range: 1 ~ 99% adjustable
Power supply: DC 3.3V ~ 20V universal
PWM width = input voltage
Output PWM drive capability: Output with transistor drive, drive current up to 100MA
When there is no decimal point; is HZ as a unit; there is a decimal point is KHZ as a unit; automatic conversion; no artificial adjustment

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