LDTR-WG0236 Capacitive moisture sensor

Giá: 30.000₫ Còn hàng

Capacitive soil moisture sensor not easy to corrode wide voltage wire for arduino

The sensor has a built-in voltage regulator chip that supports a 3.3-volt working environment, which means it works even on a 3.3V Arduino control board. A miniature PC such as the Raspberry Pi only needs an external ADC (analog to digital signal) conversion module to work.
With an external screen and a motherboard, you can talk to your plants! See if it is thirsty and you don't need more water to moisten.
Operating voltage: 3.3 VDC
Output voltage: 0 ~ 3.0 VDC
Interface: PH2.54-3P
Size: 98 x 23mm (LxW)

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