N76E003AT20 Board MINI USB - BL

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Nuvoton N76E003AT20 Minimum System Board System Board Core Board Development Board Nu-Link Programming


1T / 8051: 1T MCU, 8051 classic core;

18KB Flash ROM: better than 8KB Flash, and 18KB of flash memory space, all can be used as data storage space;

1024B SRAM;

17 + 1 input ports: better than support up to 16 GPI0;

2 * UART, SPI, I2C: better than SPI / I2C / UART (one more UART);

8ch of 12bit ADC: better than 5 channel 10bit ADC;

6ch of individual duty PWM: better than 3 PWM outputs;

10KHz LIRC for WDT reset / WKT;

16MHz HIRC ± 1% Room temp. Soil 2% full condition;

Wider supply voltage range from 2.4V to 5.5V;

TSSOP20 / QFN20;

ESD & EFT: HBM / 8KV MM / 400V, Over 4KV, excellent ESD and EFT, anti-interference and ESD protection capabilities;

Onboard MINI USB power supply interface, reset button and AMS1117-3.3V voltage regulator chip:

Onboard external crystal oscillator interface and programmable LED (P12 foot) jumper cap (control the LED through the I / O port when plugged in)

All I / O ports are led out through 2.54mm pin headers.

Board size: 43mmX29.8mm

Compared with STM8S003F3P6

STM8S003F3P6: —20 pins in total, supporting up to 16 GPIOs and 16 external interrupts;

2 16-bit timers [TIM1 / TIM2], can output up to 3 PWM signals;

5 ADC channels, support SPI / I2C / UART; 8KBYTE FLASH, 1K RAM, 128 BYTE EEPROM; built-in 16M high-speed oscillator, WDG, etc.


Pin Definition:

5V / 3.3V: positive working voltage;

GND: negative working voltage;

TX: module serial port sending pin, can be connected to the RXD of the microcontroller;

RX: module serial port pick-up pin, which can be connected to the TXD of the microcontroller;

DAT, CLK, RST: Nu-Link program download port;

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