Rain controller LM393 Module

Giá: 15.000₫ Còn hàng

Rain Sensor Rainwater Module Detection Module -5V

Rain Sensor Rainwater Module Detection Module -5V
Voltage: 5V
Control panel board Demintion: 30mm*16mm.
Area of raindrop detection board 54mm*40mm
Power indicator light, the output signal LED indicating lamp.
TTL level output, TTL output signal for low level drive capacity of around 100MA, can directly drive the relay, a buzzer, a small fan, etc..
Sensitivity adjustment via potentiometer
No rain when the LED light output is high, the output level, go up, LED bright.
The board and the control board is separate, convenient wire.
A large area of the board, more conducive to detect the rain.
The board is equipped with a positioning hole to facilitate installation

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